daynabot (daynabot) wrote in killptamoms,

parental advisories etc

Does a sticker on a CD that says "parental advisory" on it really matter much these days? Are parental controls on the Internet and television really the answer? It is my opinion that these systems provide some kind of false sense of control to parents. The truth is, kids are going to learn about everything parents want them to avoid, no matter what. As the entertainment industry continues to push the envelope with risque material, different methods of censorship present themselves everywhere. To some parents, this is the obvious answer. More adult content? Solve it with more censorship! Sounds like lazy parenting. Since it is inevitable that eventually the youth of America will be corrupted with plenty of T & A, foul language, and violence, perhaps the most effective answer is to raise children well so that when they are exposed to such things, it can be handled maturely. If that is too hard for anyone out there, sterilize them.

Your thoughts? =)
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