daynabot (daynabot) wrote in killptamoms,

School Media 'Endangered'

I was reading an article about newspaper censorship in schools and I thought it related since Chandler High has so much of the same sort of thing happening.

Here is the full article,

I just pulled out a few of the parts I thought were interesting.

"-Three-fourths of high school students surveyed either do not know how they feel about the First Amendment or admit they take it for granted.

-More than a third think the First Amendment goes too far in the rights it guarantees.

-Half erroneously believe the government has the right to censor the Internet.

-Seventy-five percent erroneously think flag burning is illegal."

"...'I very strongly believe that it's hypocritical for a school corporation to say it's preparing its students for life in a democratic society and then to turn around and review student publications before they are produced,' said Ada Anderson, a former BSU student who is now the yearbook adviser at Mooresville High School..."

"...Teachers and lawyers agree on one thing: students must routinely exercise their First Amendment rights for the student press to remain truly free and not just a public-relations tool for administrators."
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