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Here is what i submitted to barrett honors college at ASU
It is about censorship:

 When ideas are suppressed, part of the world is lost.  Censorship therefore is a suppressant of ideas and therefore a suppressant of the world.  Censorship is the changing of works to make them morally or politically correct; in doing so the committee, or whoever is in charge of censorship, takes out objectionable content, or suppress certain ideas.
 The biggest problem with censorship is deciding what is objectionable.  Through the subjective nature of deciding what is objectionable, censorship becomes a form of suppressing ideas from a leader.  This is where the problem proliferates into being a form of control by a leading group.  While there is a need to be inoffensive and make everyone feel comfortable, there should not be the loss of ideas along the way.
 The subject of censorship is very important to me due to the ramifications of it and the ideas being represented.  The ramifications of censorship lead to more governmental control.  While governmental control is necessary to a certain degree, there is the stabilization of society that is more pertinent.  In today’s American society there are a few major groups: the liberals, they support less governmental control over social issues; the conservatives, who feel that society should be dictated by the government; the centrists, who don’t feel strongly either way.  The problem comes from the extremists of the liberals and conservatives.  The need for balance of power and ideas is lost to these radicals and if a group of radicals controls the government, or censorship, a totalitarian state can be introduced very easily.  Totalitarian states have proven to not work in modern day life, Stalin and Hitler are two examples.  While censorship is a smaller issue of the whole picture, it is at the forefront of the issue and the one that is easiest to institute into younger ages and therefore carry the idea on.
 The ideas that are censored are also very important to me.  The ideas that are being censored are usually the ones that provide some sort of threat to the governing power and therefore are ideas that will lead to change.  Change leads to progress; therefore, ideas lead to progress.  If ideas are hindered then there remain less chances at progress which is the inevitable goal of society.  I am a supporter of progress and feel censorship hinders any form of progress that differs from what the leaders in charge of the censorship think, which may not even be progress but a form of digression.
 Censorship is an issue everyone should be concerned with.  Due to the ramifications of censorship and the subjectivity, it is an issue that affects any society placed under it in a drastic way.  As a leader of the future I feel it is my obligation to help progress and make sure the best for society is enacted by the leaders, and therefore censorship is one of the most important issues that I have to deal with.  
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