(Lindsay not included) (letitbe_) wrote in killptamoms,
(Lindsay not included)

You know something sad?

Today Jessica and I were signing up for dodgeball, frantically trying to find everyone's ID numbers and whatnot. I see Laura outside and run to catch her.

On my way out of the CTE building, I saw and overheard something that was extremely disturbing.

There was a couple in the hallway kissing goodbye or something. The girl turns around to leave, and one of the teachers sanctioned to roam the halls and kick out loitering kids says to her nonchalantly, "Why do you need to do that? I thought you already had a kid?"

The girl replied, "We did. We are pregnant. And engaged. I'm having the baby, and I love my fiance. That was an extremely rude comment."

And the teacher laughed..


I understand if you, as a teacher, are morally opposed to your 17-year-old student having a baby and flaunting it in front of you.

But for God's sake, it isn't your job to tell her about what YOU think, because YOU don't factor into now do you?

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