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The gravest form of censorship CHS does is the censorship of sex education.  In CHS the school is only allowed to teach abstinence.  While we may all like to think that teens don’t have sex until they are married, the sad fact is that they do.  With CHS being one of the only schools in the state to accept teens who are pregnant of parents at their school the fact that teens have sex before marriage is obviously known to the administration.  So why is it that they hide this fact and pretend that teens don’t have sex by not teaching safe sex.  The simple answer is the fact that it is a public school that is state sanctioned and controlled by the “Christian” belief system that governs America.  What this really boils down to is the inability to recognize a common event.  American teens spread AIDS; it is understood and known by the health community, so why not teach that in schools. 

At a high school level I would assume everyone is mature enough to be able to discuss sex, especially considering the fact that the school district begins teaching about sexual organs and activities in 5th grade.  Yet CHS continues to ignore the fact that kids do have sex by the lack of education.  They demean us kids by assuming we are not mature enough to discuss sex.  The worst crime they commit though is turning a blind eye to kids having unprotected sex.  They condone the spread of diseases and teen pregnancies by the lack of education or even providing information of how to learn this information. 

One example of how this is a huge problem is prom.  FACT: some high school kids have sex after prom.  These kids would be having sex whether they have a condom, or other form of contraceptive, or not.  Understanding this, the school should be able to provide these kids with a free condom.  Instead of giving out shitty memory books with the theme of the dance plastered on front (or along with a gift like this), why not provide kids with condoms.  These condoms that they provide are cheaper than a memory book and more useful.

Blah, I hate people being uneducated, and when something as vital as sexual organs or children’s future is at stake, the school should not be fucking around and turning a blind eye.  The school should be doing everything in its power to help these kids be informed.


P.S. I have a friend who is a senior and is pregnant due to the lack of condom, now this could have been avoided if they school provided kids with information about where to get free condoms (at a local planned parenthood) or even providing free condoms

My name is norman
and i hate censorship

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