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Bad reporting? More like bad

Melissa informed me that today she was lectured and yelled at by our school's principal and vice principal because she wrote an opinion article about how IB/AP classes are too full. Their argument was that she didn't have the facts and her information was wrong.

Well first of all, she told me that the reason she may not have had 100% accurate info is because they wouldn't give her the info when she asked for it! So what, she said that the classes have about 40 kids in them, instead of the actual number of 36? The point is that the classes ARE full, and it IS a fact. Whether it's 30, 36, 40, 159, it doesn't matter. The fact is that the classes are a bit too full for most of the students' liking.

Boo fucking hoo if Mr. Williams is a little worried about people deciding not to join IB/AP if they find out that the classes are full. That's not even going to happen anyway. Like someone at our level of intelligence is really going to take all regular classes just because IB/AP classes are full! Yeah right.

It just makes me so fucking fiery with hatred toward the administration when I hear that they are censoring to such an absurd degree, and then blaming the reporters for using false information! First of all, it's an OPINION ARTICLE. It's not like Melissa was pulling it off as a news piece. And second of all, the facts weren't that far off! The classes are full! We are IN the damn classes, we KNOW. The wool can't exactly be pulled over our eyes on this one Williams, sorry pal.

So if you see Melissa around, cheer her up and tell her how good of a reporter she really is, because she doesn't need fat pigs that wear their pants up around their nipples yelling at her about anything, much less reporting.
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