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This isn't exactly a censorship issue...

Although the issues I'll be talking about don't necessarily have to do with censorship, I feel that they apply to this community, since primarily this community is for bitching about infringements of our fucking rights.

My beef today is with THE SCHOOL. Surprise surprise.

Chandler High School is going to shit! First they decide to close campus and threaten that they have "gates" around the parking lot (umm, where are these mythical gates?) so that nobody can get out except half day seniors at the beginning of lunch. What if a half day senior has a club meeting? When they get these rumored gates are we going to have to get special permission to leave the fucking school and go home after an NHS lunch meeting? If so, that's a bunch of bullshit and it will never last because people will decline joining NHS and other clubs when they are seniors just so they can leave at lunch and not have to worry about getting trapped in the fucking school until 2:00.

Speaking of parking lots... We pay 50 fucking dollars TO PARK in the lot. 50 dollars for a goddamn parking spot. No guaranteed security, and we have to sign our lives away saying that we wont get pissed at the school if shit gets stolen from our cars. Think of how many people park at the school. Now multiply your estimation by 50. THAT'S HOW MUCH MONEY THE SCHOOL MAKES OFF OF THE FREAKING PARKING LOTS! What do they do with that money? Jesus christ!

Many of you may have heard that starting tomorrow all electronics (especially iPods and cell phones) will be confiscated if seen at ANY time, ANYwhere on campus. What a load of crap! Their reasoning is that they are sick of parents calling in to complain that their child's 300 dollar iPod has been stolen. So the school decides, hey, forget trying to beef up security to prevent theft! Let's just prohibit the darn things, that'll fix everything! How fucking cheap is that! "Forget making an EFFORT to try and make the campus a safe and trusting place. Let's just eliminate everything entertaining that anyone could possibly want to steal!"

Ugh... that's all for now.
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