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-A little about your views on censorship in general
On the whole, censorship is ridiculous. People go crazy with it because they see something they don't like (on television, in a movie, in a videogame, or whatever) and think that the solution is censorship. My opinion is that if you see something you don't like, don't watch it! Don't try to ban it just because you find it offensive. However, when it comes to pornography, I tend to think that children really don't need to be seeing that shit until they're older.

-Favorite movies
My 4 favorite movies of all time are Pulp Fiction, The Medicine Show, Clue, and Fantasia.

-Favorite videogames
I like Tetris. And Pacman.

-Favorite books
Harry Potter, anything by Stephen King or Francesca Lia Block. Other various novels.

-Any other information (pictures, likes, dislikes, etc) is welcome.
Your mom is gay. AND, I hate hyper-sensitive pussies.
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