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i was reflecting on the last two weeks of school . having never posted here , i guess i will , though this isn't totally important/debatable . nardi showed us this movie called "letters home from vietnam" . basically what it is , is a movie full of actual footage from the vietnam war , with actors reading actual letters written by american vietnam war veterans while they were in the war . all of the dialogue consisted of the letters . so , you would think that to understand and to get everything out of the movie , you would have to hear everything the letters said , because otherwise you are missing out . well nardi was all proud of himself because he "edited" the movie . it turns out he took out a lot of the dialogue from the letters and some parts of the visual movie , because they showed an ass , or they said ass . i got completely lost because robert deniro would be reading a letter and in the middle of the sentence it would cut out and we couldn't hear what he was trying to say . after the movie i felt like i was left hanging because i missed about half of the dialogue due to it being censored . what's so bad about hearing the f word ? is it really going to screw up someone's mental health ? if it is part of the movie and they made it so people could watch it , why take that away from the movie just to make it less vulgar ? it ends up ruining the point of the movie . everyone has an ass , everyone will eventually see someone else's ass , so why take out a 5 second shot of one's ass ? it's in there , leave it . i just don't understand the point of censorshit .
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