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Should racial differences be emphasized? (especially in literature)

My "debate group" in English class was given the above question, and assigned the "pro" side of the argument. At first I was disappointed, because I often times dislike reading so many books with the same sort of themes about blacks and whites.

Anyway, Chinua Achebe's book Things Fall Apart kind of helped to change my mind about this view. I really enjoyed the book, and I think I learned a lot from it. Including how necessary emphasizing racial differences can be, especially in literature, and especially in this country of America that we live in. Think about it: without emphasizing the differences between the Ibo culture and the white missionary culture how could Achebe's book even exist? The whole point is to show how things fell apart because of the missionaries thinking their way is the only way.

So what does this have to do with killptamoms?

Well, our opponents chose to completely throw away everything we were supposed to be arguing about, and instead started to talk about racism. What does racism have to do with emphasizing cultural differences? NOTHING! The more you know and understand about a culture, the more likely you are to be accepting or at least tolerant of that culture. In the world today, it is ignorance of these cultural differences that gives birth to racism.

Achebe's novel Things Fall Apart would not have any reason to exist if racial differences weren't the focus. Now what about our very own country? Where would America be if cultural differences weren't allowed to be emphasized? First of all, the population would be a hell of a lot lower because who would want to move to a place that prohibits the practicing of your own religion and customs? Basically everything that makes America unique and thriving would be nonexistent.

Denying racial differences is denying the fucking truth.
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