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the hypersensitive pussies and their politically correct bullshit

This is an entry that our very own member, Wesley (rad_wood) posted on his journal. He is a silly fool who refuses to crosspost his relevant posts to this community, so with his permission, I am doing so for him.

"Taken from the APA web site (
"PROBLEMATIC: ...the articulate Mexican American professor...
PREFERRED: ...the Mexican American professor...

Comment: Qualifying adjectives may subtly suggest that the "articulate" Mexican American professor is an exception to the norm (for Mexican American professors)."

MY TAKE: ...the stupid Mexican hit my car...
Comment: I'm a racist, because I'm implying that all Mexicans are stupid...but according to the stupid psychologists, I'm being good, because he's probably an exception to the rule, or something...right?
PREFERRED: ...the professor...
Comment: Using the phrase "Mexican American" implies that they are the exception to the rule when it comes to being professors...because that's what adjectives do, now...they imply exception.

"PROBLEMATIC: Women's sexual partners should use condoms.
PREFERRED: Women's male sexual partners should use condoms.

Comment: Avoids assumption of heterosexuality. "

Comment: Ummm...why would a lesbian need to use a condom...unless she can suddenly ejaculate semen...WHY THE HELL WOULDN'T YOU ASSUME HETEROSEXUALITY?!

"PROBLEMATIC: The two bisexual subjects had engaged in both gay and heterosexual sexual encounters in the past year.
PREFERRED: The two bisexual subjects had engaged in both male-male and male-female sexual encounters in the past year.

Comment: Avoids confusing sexual orientation (bisexual) with specific sexual behaviors."

Comment: GASP! You assumed that they were males! You insensitive, chauvinistic, pig-bastard...rot in hell.

"PROBLEMATIC: Sexual preference
PREFERRED: Sexual orientation

Comment: Avoids connotations of voluntary choice that may not be appropriate."

MY TAKE: The man prefers to make out with other dudes.
Comment: It is a preference, just as much as dudes making out with chicks. You may prefer making out with chicks, it is a could also choose to make out with a dude, that doesn't mean it's your cup of tea, though. If you're straight you make the choice to kiss the opposite sex, you're not incapable of kissing the same's just not your preference! AGH!

You get what I'm saying? Do you know what I mean? Understand? Talk amongst yourselves."
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